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Little Crescent Moons

[trigger warning: self-harm] What you’re about to read contains details about something I have only ever told four people: my mother, my roommate, my therapist, and one of my closest friends. It’s even… Continue reading

My Brother’s Diagnosis

Everyone has memories so vivid, it’s like they happened yesterday. My brain clings to moments of travel, romance, family, friends; so rich I close my eyes and I am there. However, not all… Continue reading

And I Breathe

[trigger warning: anxiety, panic attacks] Apparently my pulse is racing, my heart racing.  But I am not conscious of this.  My mind is plowing through a million thoughts at once, each worse than… Continue reading

Raised By Anorexia

(trigger warning: eating disorders)  Body image is complicated for a child of someone with an eating disorder. My mom has suffered from anorexia for thirty years. I think it warps your idea of what… Continue reading

I am a Suicide Survivor

[trigger warning: suicide] I am not usually shy about my emotions. I will freely admit that I am a huge crier. Sometimes, I cry for no apparent reason. Then I cry some more,… Continue reading

On Grieving, Part One

I don’t talk about it much. The death of my father, I mean. In fact, the pattern I’ve noticed is that I only really talk about it when I am totally, completely, can’t-spell-my-own-face… Continue reading

On Grieving, Part 4: “Why Didn’t I…?”

The night my father died I wasn’t home. Everyone else was; my mother, my brother, my sister, my brother-in-law and of course, my father, alone in his sickroom. They were all tucked into… Continue reading