I am Not Broken

[trigger warning: rape] Slut. Skank. Whore. Those were my names for a while. You see, I’ve had many sexual partners. I’ve also had a lot of sex. Sometimes it was great and sometimes… Continue reading

The Zombie Effect

My name’s Alex …and I like sex. Big surprise there. But why does it sound like I’m suddenly at an AA meeting? I live and work in a world where sex seems to… Continue reading

An Obligation to Divulge

I feel as though today, what many idealize in women, as women, is the Carrie Bradshaw.  The Sex in the City woman who is comfortable in her body, comfortable with her sexuality and… Continue reading


As I sat in the dark living room of an unfamiliar apartment playing “Kings Cup” with a bunch of kids I did not know, I had to think of a question fast. The… Continue reading

I Was Not Prepared.

This is my fifth attempt to write this post. The more I try to succinctly capture my thoughts on death and grieving, the more disjointed and incoherent my writing becomes. Putting the experience… Continue reading


I like sex. This should not be a revolutionary or shocking statement for a woman to make in 2013 and yet, sadly, it very often is. It feels like it should be so… Continue reading