On Grieving: Through a Widow’s Eyes

Editor’s note: This testimony, and the four that follow, were sent to me by Marit Quist-Corbett over a series of several months.  Marit’s daughter, Caitlin, was the author of “On Grieving,” a six… Continue reading

On Widowhood, Part Two: The Anger March

March 2013 – Three years after.  The yearly rhythm of grief. I am angry angry angry angry. Is this the “Anger Stage”??????? I guess that’s what psychologists would say. But I don’t want… Continue reading

On Widowhood, Part Three: From Loneliness to Autonomy

“You are not alone”, my friends assured me after Bill died. They were wrong. You are alone. I am alone. However, there is a journey from desperate loneliness to the recognition of autonomy. This entry is about… Continue reading

The Abstinent Man

I kind of fell into it by accident. Abstinence, I mean, or “celibacy” (as I, and others, sometimes jokingly called it). It was abstinence though. I recently learned the difference between those two… Continue reading

On Widowhood, Part Four: Decisions, Decisions

Yes. I learned to do many new things on my own. Initially, I felt proud of those newly acquired skills, that new-found power: “Really? I found a way to fix that cabinet door?” “That was me,… Continue reading

How to F**k a Fat Girl

I can’t pinpoint the exact point in my life when I became aware that I was a fat girl. I know that I was young, certainly prepubescent, and this realization has followed me around… Continue reading

My Body Betrayed Me, Emphasis on the Past Tense

I spent one teenage summer starving myself and running incessantly, but even with all my effort I wasn’t thin. Half of my roots are in Greece, and I came out of the womb destined… Continue reading

On Grieving, Part One

I don’t talk about it much. The death of my father, I mean. In fact, the pattern I’ve noticed is that I only really talk about it when I am totally, completely, can’t-spell-my-own-face… Continue reading

On Grieving Part 2: My Father Died, I Dyed My Hair Blue

Trust me, it’s connected. Some of you may remember the blue hair, it had its share of fans. It was a fun, frivolous and impulsive thing to do, but there was an underlying… Continue reading

On Grieving, Part 3: “But You’re So Strong!”

“But you’re so strong!” I used to want to punch people really hard in the face whenever they said this to me. These days I have made my peace with it. I understand… Continue reading