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On Being Bipolar

Most people exist on a spectrum; They are either happy, sad, or somewhere in the middle. Their happiness may come internally or externally and is often short lived, and their sadness is usually… Continue reading

What is Depression?

[trigger warning: suicide] I wanted to write a piece about depression with a hopeful message, something along the lines of “pro tips” or “lessons learned”.  I wanted to produce something positive and helpful… Continue reading

Little Crescent Moons

[trigger warning: self-harm] What you’re about to read contains details about something I have only ever told four people: my mother, my roommate, my therapist, and one of my closest friends. It’s even… Continue reading

My Brother’s Diagnosis

Everyone has memories so vivid, it’s like they happened yesterday. My brain clings to moments of travel, romance, family, friends; so rich I close my eyes and I am there. However, not all… Continue reading

And I Breathe

[trigger warning: anxiety, panic attacks] Apparently my pulse is racing, my heart racing.  But I am not conscious of this.  My mind is plowing through a million thoughts at once, each worse than… Continue reading

Being “The Girl with the Eating Disorder”

(trigger warning: eating disorders) Body Image. Self Confidence. That voice that tells you whether you are good enough. Pretty enough. Thin enough. The voice that some how ties who you are to how… Continue reading