Tell Your Story

What we’re looking for:


We are looking to hear from people who are willing to share their life experiences in the categories of Mental Health, Sexuality, Death & Grieving, and Body Image.

We accept articles on all four subjects on a rolling basis.

What you’ll do for us:

By providing your story, you will help us move one step closer to fulfilling our Taboo Tab goal–we can’t start these important conversations without you!  When you submit your story to us, your article is part of and belongs to the Taboo Tab project. However, as a writer, you do reserve the right to request that your story be removed or modified in any way and at any time.  Additionally, you may post your piece on your own blog or site–we just request that you link back to if you choose to do so!

What we’ll do for you:

We are dedicated to making sure your story is given the utmost respect, and can have the utmost impact. Once your submission is approved, our editor will go through and ensure that everything is clear, open, non-judgmental, and specific to your experience. Then, your piece will be sent to our photographer who takes a unique, artistic photo for each article–visuals are important and expressive, and we are dedicated to using images that uniquely express YOUR experience. You will be consulted at every step along the way, and have a final say on what is posted. You may request the use of a pseudonym if you prefer.  If you are a blogger or writer of any kind, you may also request that we link to your website when crediting you for your story.


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